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    Irish Oral rule confusion ciaranob96

    I'm not sure if I misheard my teacher or not but is it true that you're alowed to bring in the poetry with you into the oral with pronunciation notes written on the poems?

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      No, you are given the poem on the day by the examiner, you don't bring in your own copy.

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      No you bring in your own copy, and are allowed to have pronunciation notes written in, even look it up on the mock Irish orals on Youtube

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      It all depends on the examiner. My teacher said that the examiner for her class last year didn't allow students to bring in their own books. This year though we are allowed(for my examiner) It might be best if you ask your teacher again when you get back after Easter, as there is no definite yes or no answer.

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      You bring in your own poetry notes, the examiners dont give you the poems.

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      You can bring in your own notes..

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      Yeh my teacher said we are allowed bring in our own books with the notes written in

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      You can bring in a copy of the poems with your own prenonciations wrote in, if you don't the examiner will provide you with her ones and there will just be the poems with no prenonciations

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