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    irish orals!? HELP sophiaon

    what would be the more likely asked questions in the oral?? any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!

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      from my practice oral i was asked to read a poem, describe a srathpictuir (they will ask you 3 questions, you will then ask them 3 questions), a few questions about my self like family, what i want to do after school like college and such, you know basica questions about yourself and your future. A tip. When they ask you a question like whats your favourite show/book etc, talk about it as much as you can. the more you talk, the more time you take up which is good. Hope this helped?

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      it also depends on what level you do, im not too sure but i think with Foundation, Ordinary and Higher level the layout of the Oral could be different to Higher level.

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      When you first go in you will be asked your name, age, birthday, where you live and your exam number. Then you will read the examiner a poem. You will do your scraith pictuir and after you will talk about what you are like as a person, your house and area, your school, Ty, School trip/Holiday in the past, Sports you play, Your past times (x2) If you've ever had a part time job, What you hope to do when you go to collage, what you are doing for the Summer and What you did for Easter Break. Erm.. That's all I have in my notes I think? Best of luck!

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