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Irish P2 Predictions.
lilmzo Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 6

I'm thinking its will be An Gnathrud, Spailpin and Minor character for An Triail? Any other predictions? Do technique sfor An triail still come up as Q?

commanderx11 — 12/06/16
Geibheann hasn't come up and it's the last poem to not come up
1282 — 12/06/16
An Gnathrud
Eoin Duignan — 12/06/16
Caoineadh airt ui laoghaire is due as the honours poem. Only honours poem not to appear yet.
Kerryy — 12/06/16
An Gnathrud Mo ghra sa An Triail theme maybe fimineacht, dont think techniques are going to come up, was in old layout
lilmzo — 12/06/16
Are you sure it's only the old course?
Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
Geibheann OR an ghnathrud Mo ghra sa Spailpin Hurlamaboc
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