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    irish paper 2 ordinary level Sophieb699

    does anyone have any clue which poems and which prose are more likely please!

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      Gnathrud hasn't been up probably a chance of it coming up and I also think caca milis and tir na og

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      okay thanks! oisin came up last year do you think itll come up again this year?

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      Yup it came up in 2013/12 so I'd say there's a good chance

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      I don't think Oisin will come up if it came up last year! I think dís and gnathrud

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      Oisin came up in 2013 and 2012 and 2014 so their could be a possibility of it coming up

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      I'm focusing on everything apart from oisin and hurlamaboc geibheann and colscaradh... Gnathrud might be definite I don't think it ever came up. Is it only one essay we've to do on the stories or two? You can tell I'm prepared

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      Thanks everyone! You have to do two I made that mistake in my mocks you have to do two prose and two poems

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      Does anyone know where to get notes for dìs?

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