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    Irish programs / series to watch? Laura.C

    would anybody have any suggestions as to what Irish programs / series to watch to improve?

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      I usually watch Ros na Rún, it's the only show I've found that's actually fun to watch for me. It's like Fair City or Eastenders as Gaeilge, a bit far-fetched but addictive once you get into it. I don't watch it on TV anymore as I found myself just reading the subtitles, so now I watch it online on TG4's website. You can select English or Irish subtitles there, so that helped me more. There are also some characters in RnR that are from Donegal, which is useful for getting to grips with that notorious accent! You could also have a look at other programmes TG4 have and see if there's anything that interests you. TG4 is pretty much the only source of Irish TV unfortunately, it's difficult to find anything else apart from some clips on YouTube.

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      thank you!!

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      GAA Beo

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      Anyone know what's on the DEB Spanish HL MOCK ANY HELP






      If you remember anything at all pls help

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