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    Is Irish needed for collages? liamo5111

    If i fail irish will I still be able to get into collage?

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      John smith234

      its is spelled "college" and every course i have seen has required at least a pass in ordinary/higher.

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      John smith234

      Sorry It is*

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      No it's not, only for the four NUI colleges: UCD, UCC, NUI Galway and Maynooth. And also higher level Irish for any primary school teaching course. Majority of courses in colleges like DCU, Trinity and DIT don't require Irish

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      Most colleges say a pass in ordinary maths or irish so you should be fine

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      thanking you Ross and Laura and John you're a queer

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      John smith234

      "Liamo" Don't get mad at me because you're goIng to fail English."Collage" really? You are a 6th year but yet you have the spelling ability of a 5 year old . I was referring to colleges such as Maynooth and UCD that require a pass in English and Irish. Also when i looked at DIT and DCU they required a pass in irish OR English. So since you can't spell and you are worried about failing irish well then you can cross them off the list. Trinity requires a pass in English, and another language. So in conclusion you are screwed and probably won't be getting into college unless its a plc course .

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      That's the funniest thing I've heard all week

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      you cant spell it, John!!!

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