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lc hl irish
by Aisling072 Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 9

HL Irish Essay Predictions??

cara_lynch — 11/06/16
1916 and violence today
Pborel21 — 11/06/16
la obesidad infantil
michaels — 11/06/16
It's gonna be a hard one
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
Do people think violence/crime/ terrorism will be there ???
Eilish1234 — 11/06/16
Coras slainte,1916 , sport
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
A lot of people are saying sport...how come?????
tara1050 — 12/06/16
Sport because the olympics and all this year...
cooldude7878 — 12/06/16
Will young people or emigration/ recession cover you?
Pborel21 — 12/06/16
Uploading attachment...