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    Leamhthuiscint - 'Cen cineal scribhneoireachta...' kl9988

    Does anyone know how to answer the question 6 part (b) in the second comprehensions in the Irish Leaving Cert paper??

    Apparently there's some kind of way (almost like a formula) to tackle the question.

    The question usually is phrased-

    'Cén cineál (genre) scríbhneoireachta lena mbaineann an sliocht seo? Luaigh dhá thréith

    a bhaineann leis an gcineál seo scríbhneoireachta. Aimsigh sampla amháin de gach ceann

    den dá thréith sin sa sliocht. (Bíodh an freagra i d’fhocail féin. Is leor 60 focal.)

    Any suggestions or links that would help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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      Question 6 (B) changes every year. Not every year asks about the writing style.

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