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Lc8/6/16 Leaving Cert Irish — 14/06/16 2

What did you say was the aims of the writer for the Olympics one?? Don't get me started an gnathrud and geibheann, disgrace

Sarah Herlihy — 14/06/16
I said how he wanted Pe in schools for students and how he hoped drugs would be banned
EmDig — 14/06/16
I said that one of his aims was to give information to the reader about past Olympic Games and future sporting events such as the Euros 2016 and this year's Olympics and then mentioned one piece of info that I hadn't known before reading the text. For the second aim, I said that he wanted to create support for Team Ireland heading to the Olympics and the Euros by mentioning them in the text. Then I said how he wanted the people of Ireland to feel pride in their Teams, with Katie Taylor winning the medal in 2012. Waffled on a good bit, but it's all about your own thoughts and they reward you greatly for putting it into your own words! I really and truly thought that An Gnáthrud was going to come up, bit disappointed about that but sure it's only 5% and I waffled on about Oisín anyway!
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