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    Mo Ghrá sa Notes bexter2299

    If anyone has some high qualityt notes on 'Mo Ghrá sa' could you please share them, or if easier ask for my email, thanks.

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      Stephanie K

      I have A1 standard notes on all poems and pros. I went to an excellent Irish college this summer and have an excellent teacher in school. I will give them to you but in return I see that you study home Ec, would you be willing to share home Ec notes??

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      @stephanieK could you please send me the Irish notes I have a terrible Irish teacher and would be so grateful if you could send me then

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      I have really good home ec notes we could do a swap?

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      Stephanie K

      Yes will u add me on snapchat littlestephie17

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      I can just email you then if that's okay? You have my email up there so you can send me the Irish notes:)

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      What's your email I'll send u them

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      I added u there

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      yeah I have great Home Ec notes , I don't mind sharing with you.

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      I'm currently h1 standard and I'm willing to share my H.E notes... feel free to add my snapchat ; kateoreillyx ... Irish notes would be greatly appreciated 😊

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      Would greatly appreciate if you could send me on the irish notes, have a terrible teacher

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      Hi would you be able to email me the notes too please , I have H1 standard Home ec and Englsih as ive a very good teacher and I am willing to exchange

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      Hey @stephanieK can you please send me your irish notes at much appreciated!:)

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