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    Mock Paper 2! Niamhios


    Could anyone advise me on what may appear on the higher level mock paper 2. It's tomorrow and I have no clue what I should be doing.


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      study your poems and stories, especially the ones that haven't come up yet as they are most likely to appear. Know notes on each character on An Triail or any other drama you might be doing instead. For the comprehensions be sure to look over question 6 a and b in past papers to ensure you have a good understanding

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      What came up on your P1?

      If Coras Oidcheas came up as an essay in your paper 1 or your listening was about a conversation about the debs and piece about the Titanic museum in Belfast - Lean Geibheann(Emotion of freedom,Caitlin Maude) + Cáca Milis (Film Techniques and the relationship between Paul and Catherine)

      If there was an essay about Seandaoine in éirinn or a talk about young people/debate about water charges in your paper 1- Lean Geibheann (2 images + poetic techniques, strongest emotion, Caitlin Maude). An gnáthrud (main theme + ending)

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