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OL Predictions 2016
jackfitzpatrick18 Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 7

Anyone have any predictions for the poetry and pros this year?

michaels — 11/06/16
100% oisin I dtir na nOg and hurlamaboc won't come up
CosmoCronin — 11/06/16
How are you 100% Michaels
gallivantingkid — 11/06/16
gnathrud was never on the course as far as I now , same with geibheann . SF is likely because of 1916
gallivantingkid — 11/06/16
JennoMC — 11/06/16
Party in a free gaf Fire in your gaf Someone robs your gaf
jackfitzpatrick18 — 11/06/16
Would I be alright just learning Dis, Caca Milis and Spailpin Fanach and another poem
Katie_97Xo — 12/06/16
yeah because lots of people are saying dis and caca milis will be up
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