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    Ordinary Letter?? Please help! jadesullivannn

    Any predictions for the letter? or even some phrases/ topics you are learning? Thanks so much!

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      youre gonna be using alot of the vocab from your orals, so sharpen up again on what you learned for that and go over and revise some key phrases and verb. wish ya luck

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      OURS IS:

      27 Bothar Na Trá

      Cnoc Na Cathrach

      Co Na Gaillimhe

      23ú - Bealtaine - 16.

      If the Litir is to a friend , you write:

      A Liam, A Chara


      - Dia Duit! Conas ata tú?

      - Tá suil agam i mbarr na slainte!

      - An bhfuil nuachta agat?

      - Buiochas le Dia, Tá an ghrian ag scoilteadh na gcloch!

      - Tá se go halainn!

      - Taim ar scamaill a naoi! (I'm on cloud nine!) = MORE MARKS!

      - Bhuel, Ní tuilleadh nuachta agam. Feicfidh mé tu go luath!. = MORE MARKS!

      - Slán go foill!

      :) Good Luck! I am sure we will be fine! :)

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      Usually also when I am extremely stuck, I try to repeat the question being asked but change the (...Tú) to mé and relate it all back to me... You can't really go wrong there...

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