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    Paper 1 and Paper 2 joanne.burke.965

    Hi, I'm just wondering is it possible to actually predict the Irish paper? And what is the best thing to do as I hav wro cram all this weekend with Biology too!

    I have lots of essays on refugees, homelessness etc. If anyone is interested leave a comment below of what you what and I'll email you it if I have it.

    Please give some advice if possible aswell x

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      Cormac 10

      Hey, would you be able to send me the refugees essay please?

      for Paper 1 Id say bochtanas, deagoiri staid na tire and 1916 maybe? P2 id say an gnathrud but not sure about poetry!

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      Hey could you please send on the essay on homelessness please thanks😊

      And for poetry's I'm thinking caca milis and géibheann

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