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rachelc17 Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 8

Okay so I write my essay for Irish paper 1 today but I misinterpreted the question and I wrote about problems in Ireland instead of international problems...have I just messed up my whole leaving cert?

Megan Duffy — 13/06/16
I did the same !
roisinl13 — 13/06/16
Oh god I'm sorry that happened not sure you might still get some marks
Ammurphy — 13/06/16
Does anyone know what the speech meant
Lc8/6/16 — 13/06/16
Your grammar and language is 80 of the marks so you can get all that....the other 20 is for subject matter/sticking to the title so you probably won't pick up much of that
Sarah Herlihy — 13/06/16
Can you write more than one essay cause i wrote 3
Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
Only your best essay will be taken as your marks.
Ammurphy — 13/06/16
Speech meaning anyone? Desperate.
jen1293 — 13/06/16
One was about elderly people and the other was that you had to pretend you were a TD and you had to talk about your plans for the future..
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