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Predictions OL P2
jackm1997 Leaving Cert Irish — 14/06/16 8

Predictions for stories and poetry for OL

_Emma27 — 13/06/16
gnathrud and dis and colscaradh and geibhean
jackm1997 — 13/06/16
Thanks Emma
Shane98e — 13/06/16
I'd say spailpin fanach could show, it's only come up once in 2013
Gingy247 — 13/06/16
i agree with spailpin fanach and gnathrud
Santa_7212 — 14/06/16
spailpin fanach and gnathrud
Chipie1997 — 14/06/16
People are saying spailpin fanach, gnathrud and dis..
SavannahG — 14/06/16
An tEarrach thiar and Oisin in dTir na nOg came up, raging!
Shane98e — 14/06/16
What paper did you get?? I still don't think it went well for me... :(
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