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    Pros and Poetry ? AmandaDoyle3

    Pros and Poetry predictions ? Cant study them all!!! :(

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      everyone saying colscaradh and geibheann and gnathrud and caca milis!

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      Colscaradh and Geibheann were on last years paper though? They would hardly have them again would they ?? :o

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      Laura tierney

      No they weren't, they're both poems so both can't come up but they're the only two the haven't come up so far

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      it says geibheann and colscaradh were on last years paper ? Dont they ask 2 poems tho anyway ?

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      Laura tierney

      Sorry I didnt realism this was for ordinary level

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      ahh i was on about higher level!

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      Ohhhh sorry haha

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      geibheann and colscaradh haven't come up on HL as much as id over them to come up I don't see them coming up because they're two very easy poems for HL .. I don't think an spailpin fanach will be up because it was up last year I think an tEarrach thiar or Mo ghrasa for the poems and hopefully cacao milis or gnathrud ! x

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