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Q6 B's
aoifeoc01 Leaving Cert Irish — 14/06/16 13

Hope everyone is getting on well with their exams. Just wondering does anyone have any like structure/notes on how to answer q6's properly. Not the grammar part just the 12 marker.?

anonymous1234 — 13/06/16
I have. Can you give me your email
Ttomk1111 — 13/06/16
same lad, send them to kiely95@gmail.com
Gavin_6577 — 13/06/16
Could you send them to me please 10gmoloney@cco.ie
Ciara1988 — 13/06/16
could u send them to barker.ciara@gmail.com please!! Thanks
LIAMBBALL — 13/06/16
Send me please lan.472@hotmail.com
SavannahG — 13/06/16
could you send them to me please? savannahgorman1997@gmail.com
Amy_6717 — 13/06/16
Ba mhaith liom an notaí freisin le do thoil , ? haha @amygibbz@yahoo.ie thanks a mil!
Ross_Byrne97 — 13/06/16
rossbyrne2013@hotmail.com please
exam — 13/06/16
patrickcleary15@gmail.com could you pls send them, you'd be a life saver
cianfinnegan — 13/06/16
cianfinnegan@hotmail.com - I would appreciate it massively, Thanks.
anonymous1234 — 13/06/16
Sin an méid. Tá gá orm dul leaba anois chun codladh go sáimh riamh páipéar 2. Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh sna scrúdaithe. Beidh sibh iontach:-)
ellenryan — 13/06/16
could you send them aswell please ellen_r_@hotmail.com
ejmck123 — 14/06/16
if you get the chance could you send them to me ? thanks : emmajanemckenna@gmail.com
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