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    Sraith Pictures! bexter2299

    My teacher writes up her own notes for us to study in really high standard of Irish, it takes up an A4 page in the smallest font possible, some points which I think are irrelevant and can't be seen by looking at the picture itself.. stuff like 'He must of been in love with Áine and when he waved at her he was so excited he crashed his car' etc.. but obviously in Irish.. I was just wondering does anyone know if we are suppose to just say what are in the pictures given and straight to the point so you're flying through it, or are all these high standard of Irish notes much more relevant..

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      You need about 6 pts per S.P (But obviously have 7-8 learned just incase you forget on the day) ensure that you talk about the emotions in the pictures not just about what you see. eg, for the driving test one " He felt guilty when he crashed his car"

      the examiner is looking for free flowing irish which is easy to say. now im not saying dont throw in any fancy phrases by all means do but dont over use them:) also make sure youve at-least 4 questions learned off so you can ask the examiner questions. hope this helps!! :))

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      Stephanie K

      Would it be possible tor you to post a pic of the sraiths that you have and I can tell you. My email is

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      Hi :)

      The link below might prove helpful for you.

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