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    Sraith pictures ceisteanna? McClean

    I was wondering do you make up questions on the spot or learn them? Is there any ones that you can use for nearly every picture?


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      You can always use describe the man/woman/weather, what time is it, what did he/she do where are they etc for all of the sraith pictiurs. Don't stress over the questions you can make some up on the spot aswell. Remember if you ask them a question they can't ask you the same question so keep it simple but also don't ask one you hope to be asked. If you go to the sraith pictiurs on studyclix they have questions underneath you could learn if you wanted.

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      These 4 can be used for nearly all sraiths

      Cén sort aimsir ata i bpictúir a haon/do/tri/ceathair/cúig/sé

      Cad a tharlaíonn i bpictúir a...

      Cad a chaitheann an fear/an freastálaí/an bhean i bpictúir a...

      Cén sort aimsir atá i bpictúir a..

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      Our teacher tells us to have 6/7 rounded questions that you can manipulate. My favorites are:

      Cad a bhí á dhéanamh acu i bpictúir...?

      Cén t-ám é i bpictúir...? (if theres a clock)

      Conas a mhothaigh Síle i bpictuir...?

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      Cé mhéad duine atá le feicáil i bpictiúr a .....

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