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    Terrorism Clairek25

    Would I be covered just knowing this essay and kind of daoine oga? Because I find it really hard to learn essays

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      That's the same problem as me! I'm learning an A1 standard Terrorism essay and trying to learn a daoine óga essay after that IF I can! I'm just worried that I won't get a title that suits terrorism...

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      I'm the same! My essay for terrorism is A1 and im attempting to learn the daoine oga.. I'm praying terrorism comes up!

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      I was talking to my friends about it yesterday and they said definitely have a back up essay just in case terrorism doesn't come up so I'm sure even if you just learn what points you'd use for the daoine óga essay you'll be okay but yeah I'm hoping terrorism can be applied into mine somehow!

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      Yeah hopefully, I'd say if you know those 2 you should be okay! Good luck tomorrow

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      Could either of you guys send me a copy of that terrorism essay? I'm trying to find one but I can't anywhere! Please!!

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      Guys could someone please send a terrorism essay to


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      Terrorism is a risky topic, especially with euros on. When the paper was wrote the Paris bombing was only after happening so I think it would have been inappropriate. But in saying that, the paper has been very risky in the past.

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      I'm praying for the refugees aiste 🙏

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