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    thinking of moving to higher irish kess

    I am thinking of moving to higher level irish because the course i want requires one more higher level subject. All i need is a C, i got an A1 for my christmas irish oral and a B in the written paper. If i put the work in, would it be possible for me to get a C in higher. Does anyone have any advice??

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      it is possible considering how well you seem to be doing in ordinary how ever since its getting very close to the leaving maybe it might be a bit late to get the higher course done but it is possible if you work hard as you are doing well in ordinary me personally i wont be switching any levels now to close to the leaving good luck

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      thank you, the way im looking at it is that the oral is worth 40% and all i need is 55% or higher so if i just focused on my oral and got enough of the course covered to make up the last bit on the written paper it could work maybe ?

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      It's possible but you might be putting yourself under too much pressure considering its close to mocks and leaving cert, because you'll have to do a drama I have done An Triail and you would have to look at poems and stories in more detail and essays too. But the oral is 40% so this does make it a lot easier to get the C in HL

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      Less,what does your teacher think?Would you ask a teacher from one of the honours Irish classes to take a look at tour work?Sounds like your oral work is very good.As regards the prose and poetry,each of these two questions is only worth a little over 5% and the play An Triail is worth a little over 6%.At least you know for certain that a question comes up on the play.A lot more to cover in poetry and prose for 5%.Poetry is OK because there is only so much you can say about a poem...téama,mothúcháin,íomhá,meadracht etc.Prose a bit tougher.But the Biggie's are essay and two léamhthuiscint in writing.The standard is quite a bit higher.But,It's no harm in trying,same course pretty much as for pass.I would focus very much on oral.My son was pretty bad at Irish,we really wanted him to take Pass,he hated the subject. Then he decided to opt for honours,we got him help for the oral.That made a huge difference.I was still very worried,I teach the subject so I have a fair idea of standard.I wrote essays for him,he didn't even read them!!! He got a C3 in his leaving Cert honours.It will require had d work.Take some advice,but it is achievable.Good luck!

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      Thank you , I'm going to talk to my teacher today , she is also an honours teacher and she will give me one on one classes to help me through it

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      Well done, I think you will be fine,you sound mature and focused.Lots of luck.

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      L.C Student

      Hi Galahad Haha is their any chances of you sharing those essay you wrote for you son. plz

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      Orals are marked at common level so remember that if your are in higher or ordinary level and do you oral you'll get the same marks

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      John smith234

      its very easy to get a c in higher with everything combined, you are good at irish orals so they will contribute greatly to your grade, all you need to know after that is a few poems, a couple stories and know the novel an triail which is straightforward. And build your vocabulary to be able to write an essay. a c3 is very possible as it was my common grade with minimal work for 5th year and 6th year christmas for irish but of course to get higher work is required.

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