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Timetables a bit intense ?
Maire19965 Leaving Cert Irish — 15/06/16 5

is it just be or is the way it's layed for certain subjects terrible? I've had nearly no sleep at all this past week

Maire19965 — 14/06/16
No kid it's sound
Maire19965 — 14/06/16
Alright buddy
Phteven — 14/06/16
Why are you talking to yourself..
Oljen — 15/06/16
Today is my first day with nothing and I only had one day so far with one subject the other 4 days I had 2 a day
Lc8/6/16 — 15/06/16
What day are the finished though? Make sure to get sleep though cause if you're tired you'll forget what you've learned and won't be able to concentrate in exam
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