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Which Essays should cover me the irish exam? PLease help!
tariq Leaving Cert Irish — 29/05/16 12

I think there are too many essays to be learning in the time left. Would "young eople"..."irishness" and "poverty cover me?"

Ms_Tobin — 24/05/16
I'd know about sport too!! ;) it's due up
eimearclix — 25/05/16
Timpeallacht !
EA22 — 25/05/16
A good one to learn is " ceolchorim" . It's a nice easy one and the phrases in it are simple and great !
Caoimhìn_9794 — 26/05/16
Is it possible to write essay in English on scrap paper and rewrite in Irish?
Gaeilgeoirx — 28/05/16
@Caoimhin - not recommended as shows a bad grasp of Irish language thus give the examiner a bad impression before your have even begun your essay. However, marks ought not be deducted for doing so so if it is compulsory for you then you may do so a;though I would strongly not advocate it. If you must, plan quickly on a spider-diagram in English with a few key words or short sentences to translate As regards the original post, 3 essays is a bare minimum although yes, I agree there is too much to be learning off by heart at this stage. My personal intention is to cover 6 essays and have paragraphs from each that may be applicable to any subject. As a passionate Irish speaker, I am lucky enough to feel confident in my grasp of the language to compose if need be and therefore I believe this will be sufficient. For revision, I'll glance over reamhfhocal and compound reamhfhocal and the genitive cases and the 5 different declensions of the Tuiseal Ginedach of the key phrases I intend on using.
Daris — 28/05/16
can you send me them essays please if you dont mind @karen-d12@hotmail.com
Clairek25 — 28/05/16
Could you send the essay on young people pls X clairekavanagh25@gmail.com
Úna_8280 — 28/05/16
I'll take any you have!!!!!!! @dunleer4me@gmail.com
ilovetennis192837465 — 28/05/16
Eachtra a tharla sa cheolchoirm Is a good one, you can use lots of phrases too. :)
Mulhall — 29/05/16
Can you use material on mental health if an essay comes up on the health system in general?
Galbraith — 29/05/16
learn "cluiche a chonaic mé" and "ceolchoirm" for sure, cuz either will definitely come up
Amazingme — 29/05/16
if anyone has any essay can you send it to me ; louisaliu10@yahoo.ie thanks
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