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    Word Count SeanEoghan1234567890

    Is there many people sticking with the 500 - 600 word count or are people going way over that? Just want to have a rough idea of how much to write

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      I'm going to stay as close to 600 words as I can, I wouldn't go way over 600 in case they take marks off you. What topics do you reckon will come up? I'm hoping for sceimhlitheoireacht as I know that essay the best! Best of luck tomorrow and Tuesday, Sean! :)

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      My teacher said a likely topic is how influential cross-dressers are nowadays. Banking on that essay to be honest as it covers a broad range of topics! Good luck all!

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      ill be lucky to get over 300

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      Hey could I get a copy of your terrorism essay? I just want something I could ramble off on of that comes up. I'm trying to find it everywhere but I can't. Could you email it to me??

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      Hi Sean, yeah I'll send it to you, it's not typed though, it's hand written, if you can't read my writing let me know, I'll send you a picture of the notes I used!

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