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    Correcting the portfolio jamhealy

    As a teacher of LCVP I would be interested in getting my Mock portfolio and theory paper corrected by an experienced State Exams corrector. I would also like to get feedback from such a corrector as to how to eliminate common errors made.

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      I am not a corrector but have been teaching Lcvp for years

      I give students the booklet of guidelines

      I have samples I pull up on board to show them layout & point out common mistakes

      I give a checklist for them to check themselves

      If a mistake is common to many I correct it as a class not individually.

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      Evelyn K

      The PDST website should have Powerpoint and PDF's regarding common mistakes in both the written paper and the portfolio. They also hold workshops and there is an annual conference in Athlone where a State Examinations corrector is present. There are many other speakers and presentations regarding the portfolio, the written paper and common errors.

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