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    Lcvp real exam Michelle.des18

    Hi. I have an the real lcvp exam next Wednesday. I got the case study last week for it I don't know what question will come up for it and I don't know how to go about studying for it if I don't have the questions any advice for it. I also have trouble with the audio visual for my pre I won't down the answers as fast as possible but I ended up forgetting half of them and I panicked I tryed listening to it three or four times but I was trying to understand the next ones asked any advice of how I can do well in the real exam thanks

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      For the audio visual the key is taking down key words the first time round you hear the audio visual take short notes first then the second time round try fill in the sections the 3rd time round you should almost have all the blanks filled in and remember the last 2 or 3 questions may not be on the audio visual you may have to use your lcvp knowledge.

      For the case study underline or highlight words that seem of importance on the sheet you are given and make ot mind maps of possible question and topics that may be asked good luck !

      im doing the exam myself wedneday !

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      P.S Dont Panic will only slow you down :)

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      Thank you for the advice. Have you any other advice or tips on the rest of the paper feel really unprepared.

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      Look at these notes for Case Study:!ANaAntEEmsOOMxs&

      Audio Visual, take down notes as you listen to Audio Visual, plenty of note space on paper.

      Career Investigation, also the Importance of Work Experience and Evaluation of Work Placement important this year.

      Take your time, read the questions and highlight the key area they are asking for.

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      Thank you so much:)

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      No problem hope it went well the paper wasn't too bad was it ?

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      It was not too bad thought it would be worse but what I learned for came up luckily the paper went my way. The audio visual was a bit tricky as the person in it talked quickly but it really needed to get used to listening to it three or four times helped and looking at your questions than the video really helped me and taking short notes that younsaid to me helped. What did you think of it?

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      have yous done the 2016 lcvp exam already?

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      What came up ?

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      I did the exam in 2015.

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