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    Leaving Cert link modules predictions Sarahh1

    Has anyone any predictions for what might come up in the lcvp/ link modules exam next week?

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      Perhaps something on Teamwork , Your Portfolio (e.g. action plan/ visit out/ career investigation) , Enterprise seems to come up quite a lot , something on Marketing and The Marking Mix - Product,Price,Place,Promotion.

      Case Study:

      Know what a SWOT analysis is and how to do out a SWOT analysis./ Another way of them asking this question is asking to do out a SCOT Analysis either. - SWOT = Strengths , Weaknesses , Opportunities , Threats and SCOT = Strengths , Challenges , Opportunities , Threats.

      know how to draft up a Business Plan and state what it actually is.

      This is what we were told to study , Hope I helped :)

      Know your case study anyways and definitions for the long questions. :)

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      Jamie do you have an example business plan you could share .... We've never done one 🙈

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      Does the marketing mix come up in LCVP?

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