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    Simple questions ahead of L.C.V.P tomorow maheady

    I'm shure a load of us of questons but heres my main one.

    " if you are asked to write answers about your career investigation, Like what you learned and what were your aims. does it have to be the same as your portfolio?"

    " does the examiner compare your answers in the exams to what you said in the portfolio ? "

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      It would be a good idea to use the same career investigation, especially if you were asked to evaluate it. Did you keep a copy of the whole portfolio? If so just read over it tonight and this will be in your memory fresh tomorrow. Look especially at you work placement evaluation, how has it improved you? Work Experience is also one to look at for Section C.

      I put up notes for the Case Study 2015 in an earlier post, this should answer all aspects for Recruit Me Ltd.

      If you are asked for two examples, state three, just in case you duplicate answers. Good luck tomorrow, take you time and read the questions, underline the key areas asked, then read the question again. :-)

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      Thanks very much...I know what i have to do now... was in trouble there only for ya!!!!!

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