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    Project Maths Course, What do you think? studyclix

    We've had loads of feedback this week on your thoughts on the LC project Maths course. A staggering 92% of you said that if given the choice you would prefer to have done the old course rather than the new project maths course.

    Luke McManagan, a student at St. Francis College Cork commented ""There's just too much material. If they want to implement this course successfully, teachers must be given more time to teach it. This means beginning the course at a heavy pace during transition year (which is unrealistic) or cutting the course down. Weeks were spent on certain topics that weren't even examined today, so essentially mean nothing to me and my aspirations to reach my college goals. If they're going to make the course that long, they could at least examine us on more topics to ensure fair and accurate test results that truly correspond to the students capabilities of the maths course as a whole.

    Conclusion: Reform is essential. Stop kidding yourselves SEC

    What do you think of the project Maths course?

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      I thought the paper 1 exam was much better than the mock exam. I don't have any problems with the Project Maths course but it could be cut down a bit

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      I agree with mysticmaniac but i think there isn't enough time to cover the whole syllabus properly. i go to an irish school so i could keep the english version.

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      They say that the new Project Maths is "more practical" and is based on stuff in the real world, this is not the case, if they are going to properly introduce Project maths into the JC and LC courses, they need to get rid of the algebra and alot of the questions to find 'X', when will we need this when we are older? Realistically never.

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      study person

      Thought it was ok, but maths is still the only subject where I can look at a question and have no idea how to even approach it...for other subjects I can at least have a go at it:/

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      @alext543 - Algebra is a huge part of mathematics everywhere in the world, and it is helpful for problem solving etc. Removing it from the course wouldn't happen

      @studyperson - If you look at all the questions that come up in past exams, like with most other subject, you'll have a general understanding of pretty much everything, with a few exceptions. You should know, at least what topic it is that they're examining you on

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      study person

      Its not the topics I have difficulty with its applying stuff you've learnt to the mind just goes blank!;(

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      11ND - CCM

      In my opinion, project maths isn't a bad thing. The relativity to the real world isn't perfect but it is certainly more than the old course (I think, I never did the old course). That's the second point, most people who sat the maths paper for the JC this year have never done the old course, and to be honest I have no idea what you're all complaining about. I don't see any reform in the near future seeing as this was the first year that everyone sat Project Maths paper, right? (I think it was only Pilot schools before?)

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      to be fair the questions I though this year were fine but I just felt like the time they gave us wasn't enough, I was just rushing it by the end oh I hope paper two will go better

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      I think Project Maths is very difficult. I mean like why can't they just say exactly what they are looking for, instead of giving us this big story? Everyone just gets so confused then..

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      i quite like project maths to be honest as it forces us to understand the meaning behind the formulas! It seems that before then, it was all rote learning whereas now its more of a measure of your intuition, which I can agree can be really maddening but it's more about chancing your arm than learning off pages and pages and pages of maths which is less stressful I think :)

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      It's a VERY LONG Course so needs to be broken down and get to the point....

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      Not the best. Find it every hard compared to the old course. Too much english in it. I used to love maths until the project maths was brought in, I don't like it because of the English.

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      some people find it very difficult to deal with real life problem style questions, including me

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      11ND - CCM

      I got my A in maths there in the JC and left both papers an hour early. Paper suited me, and to be honest I didn't really feel it was too "project maths'y".

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      @11ND - CCM this is for the Leaving Certificate ;)

      I agree with a lot of the comments here however my opinion on Project Maths is that it's too unpredictable. You really need to study all aspects of the course and not just prepare for what came up in the past since there's so much to choose from when dealing with life problems and mathematics.

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      @11ND - CCM this is for the Leaving Certificate ;)

      I agree with a lot of the comments here however my opinion on Project Maths is that it's too unpredictable. You really need to study all aspects of the course and not just prepare for what came up in the past since there's so much to choose from when dealing with life problems and mathematics.

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      The questions in the JC Paper this year were much easier than the mocks, i found! I got 59% in the mocks and an A in the real thing. Definetly don't be demoralised in the mocks if you get a bad result! Maths is maths, regardless of whether it's "project" or not! If you can do normal maths, there is no reason why you can't do Project maths.

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      i hate the course theres too much in it and its kinda unfair maths aint an option the exam questions r really tough to understand study and do and maths sucks its not something someone wants to study I HATE THE COURSE MATHS SUCKS

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      Guys after the leaving cert you'd get to study what u want after this stage we get to be free don't think bout it to much maths will soon slip away from our life's the lc and pm is only a stage it'll be gone soon

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      I think we should have the liberty to choose our subjects fully, maths nor English shouldn't be compulsorily. Also, why is maths deemed more important than other subjects,, it's a bit stupid, people who are never going to use maths in their future career should not be obliged to take it.

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      Yeah why they make it like that they force u to do Irish when most of the people in Ireland ai t gonna use if u don't want t to do maths at leaving cert it should be fine and Irish

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      The whole irish leaving cert system is ridiculous. It should be changed completely

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      What's bad bout it

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      Are you really Charles? All it is regurgitation, the system needs reform. People can rote learn their way to success. And your final grade shouldn't be entirely dictated by a written terminal exam (In the majority of subjects that's the case). But nothings changing soon for sure. It's too costly and the government wouldn't invest that much money in the future generation!

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      Its also the fact that they make the maths Irish and English course the biggest we should really get a choice if we want to do these subjects or not

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      I wonder how much longer the sec would make exams

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      I feel as if JC project maths is a more manageable and fair exam in comparison to the leaving cert syllabus(relatively speaking). There are students who got an A in Junior cert higher level project maths but struggle to pass it at leaving cert. The jump up in difficulty is far to great in my opinion and this is what causes problems.

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      If the maths leaving cert course was over the course of 3 years, i would get an H1 or H2, but in a short period of time (2 years to get 2 books covered and do a few exam papers) it is very difficult to achieve anything. There is barely even any time to revise, even if i do get time to revise for maths what about all the other subjects. I am not just going to focus on math and leave all the other subjects suffer.

      Its a very unfair system in my opinion. Students are put under so much stress for leaving cert, this should not be the case, it is not fair. We do not even get much free time in leaving cert, a student comes home has dinner, does his homework which takes no less than 2hrs (sometimes it takes me up to 4hrs if i have an English essay or an exam paper to finish), revises for a test if he/she has one (that varies for me, depending on which subject i have a test in, for example maths it takes me 1hr 30mins or irish 30mins), do revision for other subjects so he/she won't fall behind in the subject and then finally the student has free time, by then it is like 9 o'clock and then the student goes to sleep- knowing that he/she will one day sit the leaving cert and up till then he has to deal with all the stress. Who does the SEC think we are.

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      Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with it. Yeah there’s a good bit of English in it, but most of the time its irrelevant and its easy enough to pick out the important information. With project maths you need to understand the mathematical concepts, after that, the maths is simple enough. The course IS very lengthy, but a lot of things overlap.

      Plus at the end of the day, a person who attempts all questions, even if all the answers are wrong will most likely pass anyways, thanks to the flawed marking schemes.

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