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Are the 25 extra points really worth it
estherejiro99 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 04/05/16 3

I'm currently studying for the leaving cert 2016 , mind you its may and i still have'nt fully grabbed the whole concept of project maths my grades range from 30-50 percent and i'm really starting to think whether the time and effort that goes into studying for maths is really worth it....lads i'm at a breaking point...HELP!!!

joannemkz — 03/05/16
to be honest i wish i was doing honours maths but i lost myself because my teacher was awful at teaching it so i had to drop down, i kept failing class tests. But if i had the chance to do honours maths i would definitely take it. 25 points is a lot, and it could make a really big difference as to what course you'll get into. Good luck!
Mason — 03/05/16
Depends on what your points would have been from your mock results, if honours maths was important to get what you wanted then you have to keep it, if not then you might as well leave it.
estherejiro99 — 04/05/16
I was 1 percent away from a pass in the mock....the idea of me doing better is still vague but i need it so i guess i've to go back to the hard work routine. thanks guys for your suggestions.
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