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    Can a teacher force you to drop? Hugsx

    So there were 2 classes of 20 and they want one class of 30 about 15 wanted to drop but they did a test. I was out a lot due to personal reasons and the school knew about it but never really offered me help even after I asked. They dropped me without my or my parents permission but is that even allowed? There's only about 10 doing higher now and idk what to do I need the extra points and I have grinds booked. Any suggestions?

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      No your teacher has no right to make you drop, it's your choice at the end of the day! You should go to the principal and talk about the situation as that is unfair

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      They can't !! I missed three full weeks in the last quarter of 4th year and sat no summer tests because I was not able to write!! I did honours maths and was not dropped. In our school you have to sign a form in order to drop !! I'd question that with the school

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