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    Co-ordinate Geometry and Geometry of the Circle. Browneyedgirl99

    Hey guys am really struggling with these chapters (especially the circle) i was wondering if anyone has some notes on them or any tips how to rememeber how to do them because ive honestly tried soo hard and they are really stressing me out :'( thanks!!

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      Alex F

      I have notes on those chapters, if you want, you could put down your email, and I will email them to you.

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      Alex F

      These are from grinds from The Dublin School of Grinds

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      Oh my goodness thank you soo much alex you're a little Star!! my email is :)

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      Alex F

      Just send those out now

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      @Alex F Please could you send me them to me too,I would be soo grateful. My email

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      @AlexF me to please!!

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      Alex F

      More notes have been sent now

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      @AlexF thanks so much! They will be such a help!! If you have any other notes on any other topics they'd be greatly appreciate thanks:)

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      Alex could you please send them to me

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      Big dreamer

      Could you please send them to me? Thanks!

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      could you send me the notes too please

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      Alex F

      More notes have been sent now

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      could you send them to if your still sending them please @AlexF

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      Alex could I get a look at them also please? its

      thank you

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      Could you please send them to me too? :) -

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      Clara doran

      Hi, im just wondering could I get these too?


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