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Deb 2016 maths solutions
evanmc124 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 13/05/18 28

Could anyone email me the 2016 higher level mock solutions please? Thanks

Saoirse_3749 — 11/01/17
i have them if you need them, what's your email?
Saudking — 11/01/17
could you email them please to me I need them badly my email is ssaud545@gmail.com
JackW — 11/01/17
Could you please email them and the papers to me at jackfrwalsh@gmail.com
eimear.walsh — 11/01/17
could you please send them to me too saoirse eimearw565@gmail.com
Saoirse_3749 — 11/01/17
just sent them to you guys !
Gabriele_8968 — 11/01/17
Could you please email the paper and the solutions to me too please gabby13xx@gmail.com
JackW — 11/01/17
Bvlikis — 11/01/17
Can I get the paper and solution balikisdr@gmail.com
kylet — 12/01/17
Can u email the solutions please kyletiernan7@hotmail.com
suzanneoc — 20/01/17
me too leavingcertstudent7@gmail.com. Thanks
lukeomara2 — 20/01/17
could you send them my way too thanks a mill lukeom6@gmail.com
keenan1 — 21/01/17
Could you send them to me as well? aoibhinnkeenan@gmail.com thanks
Emma_9114 — 24/01/17
Can i have them too please emmalouise98@hotmail.com
Ruth 123 — 24/01/17
Could you email them to me too please paper and solution!! rcleary61@yahoo.ie
cyberdragon — 24/01/17
DEB 2016 marking scheme
eimear.walsh — 02/02/17
Anyone have 2016 examcraft solutions send them on please ! @eimearw565@gmail.com
Taher_8860 — 07/04/17
Could u please email them to me too it would be a great help Taherfarj9@gmail.com
Taher_8860 — 07/04/17
Could u please email them to me too it would be of great help
evadonlorio — 12/04/17
Could you please email them to me too? In an act of pure stupidity I left the entire paper we were meant to do over the Easter in school with my hardback. If you could email them I would be forever grateful. My email address is evadonlon@outlook.com
Vishnu00 — 13/04/17
Hi everyone I have them also I can put it on the blog itself if you want them please email me at vishnupeteti0706@gmail.com
markd31 — 03/03/18
saoirse_3749 could u send me the 2016 HL maths mock solutions to 12markdonnelly@grangepps.ie plz
tomasbrowne — 04/04/18
hi does anyone have 2016 leaving cert irdinary level deb and examcraft mock paper 1 and 2 marking scheme please :heart_eyes:
tomasbrowne — 04/04/18
email me please tb63608@gmail.com
annie1996 — 06/04/18
hi can you please email it to me too andreeagalbaza@icloud.com
keatingE — 06/04/18
Aoifeb1345 — 07/04/18
anyone have rhe exam craft soloutions
sorecauvanesa — 07/04/18
does anyone have the 2016 deb paper but not the marking scheme
Lk1234 — 13/05/18
Will someone please email me the solutions too? leahkavanagh@mountsackville.ie
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