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    does maths count as one of your six subjects ejmck123

    So I'm doing 7 subjects all in higher and although there is a nice offer of twenty five extra points in maths , I'd rather not risk the fail . I'm thinking of going to ordinary level ... but is maths compulsory to count as your six subjects , or can I count everything but maths ?

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      no you just have to count your top 6 subjects.

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      Amanda April

      Mathematics is compulsory to learn.

      Your points is based on your top 6 subjects, if mathematics was not one of them, then it will not count towards points.

      However, look into the entry requirements of your wanted courses, passing mathematics is a basic requirement in many institutions.

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      basically whatever you scored lowest in you wont get points for so yeah maths counts if u dont scrore lowest in it

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      No Maths does not have to be your top six subjects! BUT you MUST pass Maths as it is a REQUIREMENT in majority of the colleges. Your top six is the subjects that you got the most marks in!

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