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    Dropping to ordinary Jess4321

    I'm considering dropping to ordinary level, the thought of doing the higher level exam puts so much stress on me! So just wondering is the course much different? Is there anything I need to learn that's not on the higher level course

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      Rubine Mb.

      The course is much simpler than the Higher level one. It certainly does take off A LOT of stress. Seriously you will find it much easier and exam papers are great! you don't need to know ANY of the trigonometric proofs, just know how to use cosine and sine rule. You don't need to know ANY of the theorems in geometry. and rates of change is much simpler than the one in HL. The best thing to do is do A LOT of exam paper questions. Another thing is Arithmetic is in more depth at OL than HL. Its kinda of a mixture of Financial Maths and Arithmetic. Also you don't need to know how to prove De Moivre's Theorem or Proof by Induction.

      Don't need to know how to prove root 2 or root 3 either, and yeah that's about it I guess.

      Best of Luck!!

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      i dropped from my HL to OL at the end of 2nd year and got an A in my JC! it is quite harder once you get into 5th year as maths was easy in JC but there's a huge difference. But it way easier than HL!

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      I'm doing my leaving cert

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