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Effective Maths 1 & 2 - Solutions
Pádraic_8742 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 04/09/16 5

Hey Guys, If anyone has the solutions for, or any solutions for, Aidan Roantree's Maths Book, Effective Maths, could you please send them on or leave a message below. E-mail is 10Pmuldo@wicklowvec.ie Very much appreciated!

Ray_1936 — 08/06/16
Nobody has Effective Maths Solutions?
O' Dwyer — 15/08/16
there actually are solutions! My teacher has them, but I think only teachers can actually get them !
mcclave — 15/08/16
I have notes at €12 per subject .. mcclavetom@gmail.com
Pádraic_8742 — 16/08/16
By any chance, O' Dwyer, are you and your teacher besties and s/he would want to share :P
O' Dwyer — 04/09/16
@Padraic nah mate I wish ahahaha
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