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    Failed paper 1 HontheLC

    There's little to no doubt that I failed that higher level paper yesterday.. Can it be saved with paper 2? Everyone was saying how great of a paper 1 was and I'm worried that 2 will be worse again.. Wish I had dropped to ordinary, as the saying goes if you fail math you fail your Leaving Cert..

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      Just do your best in paper two, and if you fail, so what! Its just an exam 😂and if worse comes to worse, just sit repeat only pass maths next year and you will get into college no problem 😀

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      know that feel bro

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      Thought it was an awful paper too.....compared to the 2015 one .....lousy

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      Especially compared to the 2015 one. Was so easy in comparison lol.

      Like I know we should take little breaks and all, but this is the last weekend paper 2 maths will ever matter. So we gotta switch off our lives for a couple days and pray to the gods that we get a good paper 2 that can pull us all up.

      We f*cking need it sure

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      Here's to praying and hoping they throw us attempt marks

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