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    grinds and maths courses Star14

    Hi, I'm a higher level maths student that desperately needs a H2 next year...I'd really appreciate to hear about any good maths courses or grinds you may know of....or any tips of hiw I could get good at maths over summer. I got a B in my junior cert.

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      To go from a B in JC to a H2 is almost impossible unless you study maths everyday

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      A H2 is a B1\A2 and I was a strong B student at junior cert...where do you think a B student at junior cert would generally be at leaving cert level?

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      Ignore that person, just continuous practice using exam papers id say

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      Are you in fifth year?

      What I recommend is do maths in the summer and through out sixth year

      Gradually your skills will build up

      What I did was do all the questions in my book and then ask my teacher if I didn't understand any

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      Also don't leave exam papers till the end do them all year

      Even repeat them if you have to do so

      You have papers from 2016-2011

      Also if your finished those you can try out mock paper

      From what I have heard and seen is that they are harder than the actual exam

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      There's are loads of mock exam papers

      Ask your teacher if they have them

      But there are links in the math discussions for some of the mock papers

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      Have access to a large number of questions

      The more you practice the more prepared you will be for the real day

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      I got an A in JC maths and expected to do the same in the lc but it's 1000 times more difficult. You got to work really hard on past papers now.

      The worst thing about maths is that you can't predict anything and they ask really tough questions. But if you need it then I'll send you maths solutions which will really help you a lot. Email me if you need it

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      And a high B in JC is between a C1-D3

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      Thanks so so much guys I really appreciate all your advice. I have just finished fifth year and Im lucky because I have a good maths teacher we've covered a good chunk of the course....and I started grinds for the lady two months of fifth year v which will commenced again in september.

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      Hey, I am a soon to be engineering student and I give grinds in LC maths. I just finished my exams a month ago and maths was my best subject, I found the best way to study the subject and practice so that I could answer any question. I have solutions and notes which I give copies of too, so let me know if you'd be interested!

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      what you are trying to achieve isnt easy nor impossible, you only get out what you put in. since its the summer, start doing exam questions or go over the course. if you need grinds, i know that the institute of education in Dublin have summer courses.

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      Hi, i see you are a grinds teacher. I run, manage and own a website (currently under reconstruction) we get up to 350 visiors a day visit out site. I am beginging a new sectoion on out site for grinds teacher to advertise their services. Please let me know if intereted

      Tom McClave


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