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    Grinds, notes, websites etc Aisling1998

    Hey, does anyone have any helpful notes or mock exam papers they could send me? or even websites to link me to? also is it worth getting grinds? I need 510 points so any help is appreciated!

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      Hey Aisling, I'm an engineering student and I have notes and two mock papers that I give to all my students when I give grinds. To get 510 points grinds in maths would be advisable as it will make up a huge chunk of that 510 if you put the work into it. If you're interested let me know, I have the best rates in Dublin!

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      @lukebrn Are you Garda vetted?

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      @michael.ryan712714 how about instead of commenting on everything I interact with, email me on if you have any serious questions.

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      Apologies, I just think it's impressive that someone who has finished their leaving cert is capable of giving grinds. Good luck with it!

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      Its okay I'll be happy to answer any questions over email! Thank you.

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      @aislin1998 you can get all the mock papers from over the years on for €1 a pop. That said however, official SEC papers are the only true indicators of the standard required on the day. As for useful websites, studyclix is your best bet but there are other ones like maths that cost money. I have no experience of them but they seem to have a good reputation. Best of luck!

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      @michael.ryan.712714 unfortunately I'm not from Dublin but I'd be interested in buying some of your notes if it's possible to exchange them by email or by post and I could set up a paypal transfer or something

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      woops wrong person I mean that for @lukebrn

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      Okay cool @aisling1998! My email is email me and we'll sort something out.

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