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    HELP PLEASE HEROES NEEDED!!!!!!!! jophie

    maths paper 1 is on Friday and i was doing maths papers and i keep getting every question wrong and nothing will stay in! any advice on how to help please

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      Paper 1 is also something I have had a huge issue with, however, I've gradually improved my grade, generally by making sure I know Calculus, Financial Maths, Complex numbers and general Algebra. Financial maths and Complex numbers because in all of the tests I did (except last years paper for Financial maths) They always come up and in roughly the same fashion, the same is with Stats on paper 2. General Algebra and Calculus should help because they are the most broad and diverse forms of maths on the paper, Calculus can come up in almost every question, the same is with algebra. This strategy helped me out a lot, I hope it works for you too! Good luck! :)

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      Just a small edit, when I say I made sure to know those parts, I meant with everything else!! Don't just study those 4 parts! :P

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