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Higher Level differentiation HELP PLEASE
anachu17 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 07/10/16 3

if you have new concise project maths 4 , exercise 15.7 question 17 , can anyone please give a way of answering this q If a hemispherical bowl of radius 6 cm contains water to a depth of h cm,the volume of the water is 1/3(pi)h*(squared)(18-h). Water is poured into the bowl at a rate of 4cm cubed/s. Find the rate at which the water level is rising when the depth is 2cm

ValH — 06/10/16
Hope this will do! My teacher just corrected it a few days ago!
anachu17 — 07/10/16
thank you so much !
ValH — 07/10/16
No prob! :)
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