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    Higher or Ordinary Level?? MrDarcyAndMe

    I'm doing higher level Maths at the moment and am finding it very hard and time-consuming, so I'm thinking about moving to Ordinary. The career I'm interested in doesn't require maths at all, so is there any point in me continuing in Higher level? I'm afraid my other subjects will start to suffer...

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      If you look at the new marking scheme you can see that because you get the 25 extra marks for doing honours maths, if you were to get a H6(40%-49%) it will give you 71 marks which is higher than an O1(56 marks). A H7(30%-39%) will give you 37 marks according to which is the same as an O3(70%-79%). So if you think you could get at least 40% in honours maths, you would still be doing far better than an 01(90%-100%). It all depends on how confident you feel and that it wont effect your other subjects. Hope this helps and good luck!

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      @studybuddy15 Thank you so much, that's so helpful! I think I'll just stick it out :-)

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      I dropped at this stage last year and got an A1 in pass. Regret not staying in higher. It's definitely worth it for the bonus points and you only need 30% to pass this year.

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