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hl maths
caoim Leaving Cert Mathematics — 12/06/16 12

how can you be sure to pass? paper 1 didnt go that well and i really want to pass this... does anyone have any predictions?

HazelBx — 12/06/16
practice the circle and statistics
LauraB1234 — 12/06/16
Know your stats and probability well especially inferential stats, make sure you know your line and circle as you can pick up easy marks there in the short Q's, it might be worth your while learning theorem 12 as it is the only one that hasn't been up yet! Attempt everything, they hand out attempt marks in paper 2, don't leave any blanks!
El_Bee — 12/06/16
which one is theorem 12?
Hrvacic — 12/06/16
theorem 12 is parallel lines cutting a triangle in ratio m:n :)
bio1 — 12/06/16
theorem 13 hasn't come up! theorem 12 has
MAYYAMIMI — 12/06/16
I found a pattern on paper 2 for higher level 175 mark is trig,geometry,line and circle construction 125 marks for stat and probability
MAYYAMIMI — 12/06/16
Stat and prob is strand 1 Trig and rest is strand 2
class3a1 — 12/06/16
what are we thinking for long qs???
caoim — 12/06/16
thanks everyone! actually have been such a help :)
caoim — 12/06/16
is there any formulas i need to know off by heart for paper 2 :)
darkclouds_007 — 12/06/16
independent events- probability
darkclouds_007 — 12/06/16
confidence interval- statistics
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