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    HL paper 1 answer discussion aimer

    Did anyone get 10 as the answer for x for the triangle? And did anyone know what to do for the Pythagorean triplet part??

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      I got 10, you had to fill in 10 for x and prove it worked

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      Ohhh I feel stupid!

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      I just subbed the 10 in I didn't prove it worked though, hopefully I'll get some marks though

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      10 didnt equal, 0 did though

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      I got 8.2..

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      10 did work though. I got 1 and 10 but if 1 was an answer you wouldve gotten a side with length 0

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      10 only worked if you squared the 4 with the x which you don't do when you have the variable (10) though

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      I'm not sure why everyone is so happy with the paper. It was much more difficult than the previous 2 or 3 years. Did everyone get 8 and 13 for the bees question?

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      yea you could check the answers with that long formula at the end

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      the 200m sprint question was incredibly easy marks too but I despise rates of change

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      Did anyone else find that that new equation that have us didn't make any sense? I had No idea how to use it so I just counted😂

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      I dunno but I realised I fucked up the simultaneous and Pythagorean triple Qs which is annoying but it could've been worse

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      what did people get for the acute angle for the bastball net?

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      29 degrees

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      did you just use the derivative to get the slope at the basketball net had use 1 for the horizontal slope then the tan formula?

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      Think I got 34 degrees or there abouts

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      I got 32😊

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      I got 32 I think😁

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      Did anyone else find that the BEE equation they gave us didn't make any sense? I had No idea how to use it so I just counted😂

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      Could've been 32 I got! How did you do it? I couldn't understand how to work out the bee formula so I extended the diagram thing to find G6 and G7, hopefully get a few marks for it anyway haha

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      i just used the last formula they gave you it worked but i didnt show subbing into the first formula

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      I draw a triangle from C to the max point, then down to the horizontal i drew from C, left. i got the Y value (opposite) by taking the Y coordinates away (C and max point ) then the X coordinate(adjacent )

      the same way , then worked out tan to get the angle. Not sure if that's what you were support to do though

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      Anyone else do it like that?

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      I did something similar but then I was told it was wrong because that gives you the angle if it were a straight line and not a curve :L

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      i got 52 degrees by using the dy/dx of the parabola that you worked out in the previous part and using the x value of the point at the net. you get the slope of the tangent at that point then sub that into the acute angle between two lines formula using 0 as the second slope because its the slope of the x axis and you come out with an answer of 52 degrees or something along those lines

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      the angle was 52, you got the slope using f'(x), then did the tan^-1 of that, which gives you 52

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      Ah I think i did that, so you let the angle equal the tan inverse of the y coordinate of the hoop over the x coordinate?

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      Fairly tight on time as well. Nasty paper I thought

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      I got 52 too ronanomalley and louisoc even though the whole world is saying 32

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      Also got 52

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      What about the trig differentiation question

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      Lol how the hell did I get 29

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      I got .15 for the slope in the trig differentiation but I wasn't sure to use pie or pie in radian form

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      BebGoldof. I got 8 and 13 as well and these are right because when you do a trial in the bottom in the formula this is what you get.

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      I got 52 as well but I think it's wrong? I done the horizontal from A, but the Q was the horizontal from when it went into the hoop .. maybe the two answers are the same though!

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      I got 52° as well by using first derivative as slope and subbing in value of x=4.5 and then used tan inverse to solve

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      What did people get for the trig differenciation question?

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      I think mine started off with -1/xcos (1/x) something like that but I cant remember

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      Chloe murphy686

      I'm just curious but I did my simequations twice and I still got the same decimal figures anyone else get decimals. All and all the paper was manageable way easier than the pre papers

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      I got sin(1/x) - (1/x)cos(1/x) i think

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      ye i got that too using product rule

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