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    How come DSOG could predict the question on coordinate geometry Walshman

    I am an A/B student in maths and am pissed off as paper 2 was a nightmare. I worked solid for 2 years and those who did grinds in dsog got predicted this question. how come the teachers in my school had no idea ? who set the paper ?

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      i was the same

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      whats dsog?

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      =Dublin School of Grinds

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      Which teacher in DSOG?

      I went and didn't get that part.... pretty sure it wasn't covered either or not a big emphasis put on it anyways

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      Just saying if you were an a or b student you should have got that !

      I didn't attend any grinds and I got it

      It wasn't even that complicated

      If something was complicated it was the circle one (which I got)

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      If you want I can do all the solutions for paper 1 and 2 after the 24th

      As I am a nerd I do not go on summer holidays

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      I will be studying my first and second year course of college over the summer

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      the cotan and cosine question was way trickier imo

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      That was easy you had to use trig identities from the log tables

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      Me,my dad, my mother and my grandfather

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      We like to socialize here

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      We really enjoy socialising here, we have lots of friends

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