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    I failed maths in mocks.. should i stick to honours?? tariq

    Can someone please help. is there any chance of me passing the honours leaving crt maths because ive got 22 percent in my mocks??

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      i got the same in ordinary but i have to stay in ordinary as foundation is not recognised in college i hope with grinds and extra study i will but its risky and you need maths for college i would give it another month and if you feel your still at that level drop to ordinary it is a good enough jump

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      Well i think honours maths take a lot of time and understanding so if u think u cant keep up with the work u should and many students went to pass from my class

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      @abcdef and what about you?

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      i did not get my mock back yet

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      If you got that DEB mock I'll advise you to stay at HL as it was a horrible paper! I got 64% and the teacher said I could get an A1 in June.

      Lads in my school last year got in the twenties and all got Bs and Cs so its more than achievable!

      Good luck!

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      If you think you'll be able to work hard enough in the next few months to get up to the 40% then stick with it because even a pass in higher is more points than an A1 in ordinary! It's also easier to pass the real thing because of all the attempt marks also my economics teacher told our class that she corrected the LC maths papers a year or two ago and was told to pass everyone from 30% up. I think this is due to the fact that they're bringing in a new system in the next few years where people can still get points even if they fail. I'm not sure whether that will be the case again this year however, or if she was even supposed to tell us that. On the other hand though, if theres a high possibility of failing it's not worth the risk.

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      Do you use active maths?

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      Thanks everyone for advice!

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      and Michaels, No we use text and tests!

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      Just wondering did you drop of are you still higher level? And how are you finding it?

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      Does anybody have any ideas of how to push my grade up? Because I only got 32%😞..and I want to bring my grade up to a C at does anybody have any ideas and if u do just let me no.

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