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    If courses say you do not need maths, do you not need to pass the subject at all? BonnieRabbit

    I have very bad dyslexia with maths and I am very worried about passing it in June. My maths teacher is little to no help and I am getting maths grinds but none of it is sticking in my head. I struggle greatly with project maths. I want to do an English course when I leave school and most of the courses I have put down on my CAO tell me that maths is not needed for the course. Would it be okay for me to do foundation level? Do I need to stay in ordinary level maths and have a good chance at failing it? I got 23% in the mocks so I am not doing well at all..

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      If it isn't a requirement for the course you want to do, then you're fine to do foundation level and pass the maths exam.

      At the end of the day it's how you really feel about doing foundation. There's no shame in it. You're the smart one thinking of what your next move will be rather than diving straight in. However take the risk if you want to.

      Good luck!

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      I want to do a science course and im terrible at maths, so i emailed the head of the science department in that college and asked her about the requirements for the particular course. It turned out that i can get into the course with foundation maths if i get at least a B2. You should contact whoever is head of the course you want to do because it took a lot of stress off me knowing I can do foundation level and not be at risk of failing.

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      I got 23% in the mocks aswell haha

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