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If you Fail Maths Do you fail the entire Leaving Certificate
Dylan_4380 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 05/06/16 5

Im worried maths will be the subject I fail but if I passed all my other subjects will I be fine in the future thanks.

Lucy_5991 — 04/06/16
No but most colleges look for it as part of the criteria so look at some back up courses that don't require maths. I think it's mostly ITs. good luck though!
Dylan_4380 — 04/06/16
Thanks thats good, I got my course place in Ballyfermot's Kylemore college. It said on the page that applicants must have achieved the Leaving Certificate so I dont know if I need Maths its also a Music performance course
abcdef — 04/06/16
No most ITs also require a pass in maths
1282 — 05/06/16
UCD arts, maths is not required :)
emerv — 05/06/16
NUIG, maths isn't a requirement for arts.
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