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    LCHL Proofs and Constuctions e_bowe

    Does anybody have a list of and/or notes for all proofs and constructions we should know from LCHL maths?


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      O' Dwyer

      You need to know all of the constructions & theorems from JC but theyre on the project maths website here:

      It's not directly on the syllabus but you also need to know how to prove the JC theorems which are also in the link above! they could ask you!!

      The new theorems to prove at LC are 11,12, and 13. The new constructions, and new theorems etc that you need to know are all here: (click geometry)

      The links above all offer activities with geogebra, also project maths has powerpoints for each theorem, i don't have links but just google eg theorem 11 project maths ppt and a link should pop up! (here's a random one i found, dunno if its any good!!

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      Thank you that's brilliant!

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